Pocket DYNO-MAX 1.0

You can monitor and control any of your DYNO-MAX preprogrammed engine
1.0 (See all)

Pocket DYNO-MAX highlights include 32-bit Visual C design, user configurable digital and analog bar gauge assignments and labels, support for DYNO-MAX's "Smart Record™", semi-automatic torque zeroing, instant last run playback, single-click printing, and more. Pocket DYNO-MAX's wireless console interface allows (one or more people) to monitor and control test sessions - from inside the vehicle, their desk, lecture hall seat, or any Internet connected coffee shop on the other side of the globe!Joy stick" control of Hold RPM provides wireless adjustment of your optional DYNOmite electronic load valve or Eddy Current controller. Take charge of your chassis dyno lacceleration sweep or step RPM tests from right in the drivers seat - without running any umbilical cord wiring into the vehicle!

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